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Why were Vietnam veterans treated so badly upon returning to America?

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    Flash Player Update They weren't. There were a very small number of very highly publicized incidents where returning vets were met by protesters who called them baby killers, etc. But the overwhelming majority of returning Vietnam veterans were treated very normally. Even the vast majority of anti-war protesters did not blame the soldiers for the policies of their leaders.
    Other Answers:
    Because the Americans should never have been there in the first place. They went there thinking that they were going to help the Vietnamese fight the Chinese, who were trying to invade them, and help (in typical American fashion 'liberate' them) but they ended up fighting the Vietnamese because they didn't WANT Americas help and they wanted to fight for their own Independence.

    Mcnamara later talked to Vietnam Parliament only to be told that they didn't want them there and that the Americans showed historical ignorance in going to war there. The Vietnamese had fought off the Chinese for over hundreds of years and had done so without the help of other people. The Americans going there was seen as a sign of ignorance and political dominance.

    There's also the fact that the American people didn't want to fund that war and they didn't want their troops there, who were their family, fighting what the people saw as an illegal war. Many of the tactics used while out there, such as the use of agent orange, could be considered a war crime. Even the solders didn't like being there and many threw grenades into their own Sargent's tents.

    Considering the tactics used, the fact that the war wasn't wanted and they lost when the soldiers came home they came home to national shame. That's why America doesn't treat them well.
    Other Answers:
    Same as afghanistan
    apointless waste of our money
    no public support for futile slaughter to make money for arms manufacturers
    a money making con to rip off the taxpayer
    another freemason fraud like subprime ripp off!
    Other Answers:
    A lot of people didnt agree with the war so there was no hero's welcome. The USA didnt win the war, so the government got away with treating them badly because there was no one to stand up for them.
    Other Answers:
    The people who did not agree with the war criticized the soldiers for the tactics they were forced to employ in Vietnam.
    Other Answers:
    Most did not think we should have been there. So sad that they took out their anger on those that served.
    Other Answers:
    DAMN HIPPIES!!!!!!!!
    Other Answers:
    because the citizens didnt agree with the war. I bet this is for your he
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