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Pet sitting name ideas and slogans?

  • Ok so im 13 and i have had a pet sitting business since i was 11 but i want to expand a bit because i only have one client. I am making flyers that im going to give to people the weekend of our yeard sale and i need to know what to put on them and a name and slogan and stuff
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    Flash Player Update Is it very profitable to be a pet sitter? Like how long do you sit on them for? Does it hurt them?

    Anyways here are some ideas:

    "The softest butt in town"
    "The only butt you'd want to sit on your pets"
    "The best butt around"
    "Licensed to sit on animals since 2009"
    "My small 13 year old butt will not harm the animals as much as a full grown butt"
    Other Answers:
    'pet'ite pets. rodents reptiles dogs we'll care for em all. Does anyone work with you like a friend? all animals all the time. You didn't add which kinds of pets. my friend made this "got a pet sitter thats bitter get a new one thats a true one!" (jazz hands) lol
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