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How much is tuition at the abby lee dance company?

  • i have a daughter who wants to go there and i am willing to spend whatever i have to. i just want to know how much it is
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    Flash Player Update I remember them saying something on the show about $16,000. I assume that's a year, however that's crazy expensive . The Dance Studio I attend is $25 a class per week, so depending on how many classes you take it's a pretty good price.
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    It depends on her age and what she would be doing there. They have a pre-company that starts at $48.00 monthly. The company (I assume the one featured on the show) takes upwards of 12 hrs a week for $6.50 and up an hour. The website is very vague, which makes me think that once you sign her up it will cost a lot more but those are some minimums. You might just want to call them or drop by for an estimate because I don't really think there is any way to figure out something exact on the website. I hope this helps :)
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